Maareeyaha Walletka Vibes: Isweydaarsiga Isweydaarsiga Isweydaarsiga Wareegtada

maareeyaha jeebka

Vibes has released Maamulaha Wallet, a cross-platform mobile wallet solution, as part of their Catapult mobile marketing platform. Mobile marketing success depends on personalization and dynamic content. Results improve when the offerings are more relevant to what the user is doing, when they’re doing it and where they are. Both Passbook and Google Wallet Object APIs are integrated into Wallet Manager.

Sida laga soo xigtay Maamulaha Wallet product page:

  • Abuur – Use Wallet Manager’s tools to create your mobile wallet content in minutes. It’s as simple as selecting the right template for your campaign and then using our editing tools to choose colors, upload your images and branding, type in text fields and more. No coding, no confusion and your mobile wallet offerings are instantly brought to life.
  • Qaybinta – Wallet Manager leverages Catapult SmartLink device-detection technology, which enables you to send out your mobile wallet offerings across any platform – delivering Passes to iPhones, Google Wallet Objects to Android phones, and mobile Web content to other devices.
  • Maamul – Once your customers have saved your mobile wallet offerings to their mobile phones, you can use Wallet Manager to dynamically update installed offers and loyalty programs. Tap into the push-like communication functionality of mobile wallets to send your customers reminders, to retarget those who haven’t redeemed their loyalty certificates and to change or update offers to reflect product availability.
  • tayadoodii – Leverage data and Analytics, segment and re-engage your customers based on past behaviors and mobile preferences. Improve your redemption numbers by changing offers while they are still in market.
  • Cabbiraad – gain insights into your mobile wallet campaigns. Measure click-through rates, gain visibility into saved and deleted content, and more. Use this valuable data to prove ROI. You can also integrate your own in-store, POS sales and redemption data with Catapult to close the loop on your mobile wallet programs.

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